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"This is the most gross misuse of internet resources to date..."

-Gene Siskel

This site is dedicated in bringing you the latest breaking news in the land of primates. It may make you cry, make you laugh or possibly spit up something you had in your mouth but hey - this is news. We're hardcore. We are always looking for late breaking stories or even old ones... Um, we're just looking for content really. Please feel free to send in pictures that you've found (or created), stories (found or created) or even video.

-King Louie

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Monkey Mojo-jojo [1.28.03] Mountaineer learns not to monkey around near apes.
Monkey Mojo-jojo [1.28.03] Monkeys Attack - monkey love butter everywhere.
Monkey King Louie [1.27.03] Monkey escapes death in horses anus.
Monkey King Louie [1.15.03] Intercepted communication from an Evil Leader Monkey Guy.
Monkey King Louie [1.13.03] The death of a happy, sweet monkey.
Picture King Louie [1.13.03] Human Scratch and Sniff.

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